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march 2011 mix

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Posted on Wednesday 2 March 2011

March Mix

I’ll readily admit that I was in a bad mood when I put this one together. It’s probably pretty obvious with the selections. The theme was basically a soundtrack to a party at Eeyore‘s. I like it a lot though, probably mostly due to me pulling out some of my favorite late 90s indie rock jams. I dare you to not like it, but then again, I won’t really give a smurf if you don’t.


october 2010 mix

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Posted on Tuesday 19 October 2010

October Mix

I know, I know. I completely neglected this site, and the months without mixes were lazy. The excuse is that I started a new job, and although I continue to DJ at work, the format in which I do so has changed and makes it difficult for me to casually pull together selections over the whole month. Combine that with me inheriting a vintage record player/stereo, discovering that the coolest record store in L.A. is in my neighborhood, and picking up a copy of Peter Guralnick’s Sweet Soul Music to feed my musical knowledge; I’ve been listening to more vintage music and relying less on the blogosphere for finds. Heck, even Baths, the one new-ish track on this month’s mix, is only really getting rotation because I picked up the vinyl when he played back in July.

if you hurt me…

Posted on Wednesday 14 February 2007

Small Factory
I really don’t remember where I first heard this Small Factory song, but I feel like it was on a Darla compilation or something. Maybe Little Darla Has A Treat For You Vol. 1? The CD’s back in New York so we’ll never really know [edit: it’s Working Holiday – now we know, and knowing’s half the battle]. I lobe it. As in, I want to make it my ‘valentine’ love it. I like the way it starts so sweet but ends up so angry. Almost like a metaphor for something… But the best line has to be the “But if you break my heart / I’ll smash up your car” line. Happy Valentine’s Day kids.