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july 2016 mix

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Posted on Friday 1 July 2016

I'll be somebody.

i don’t care if i stay or i leave

Posted on Wednesday 28 October 2015

Sera Cahoone is one of my absolute favorite singer-songwriters and clearly among the most formidable of former Carissa’s Wierd members. Somehow I completely missed her 2012 album, Deer Creek Canyon. It’s as consistent as her earlier work but feels like her songwriting has grown. How the shit did I miss this? And damn, it just about floors you with lyrics.

february 2014 mix

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Posted on Sunday 2 February 2014

February 2014 Mix

Mid-last year, I had a momentary lapse while listening to Songs: Ohia‘s “Just Be Simple” — one of those thoughts that you are immediately embarrassed about — that I should make a point of checking Jason Molina’s touring schedule so I could see him the next time he came to town. It’s amazing how one can put sad thoughts out of one’s mind rather than hang on to them. It was only mere months ago that I had read with great pain of the loss of Jason to addiction. Those songs still live with me, though they hit me a bit harder now that he has left us.

favorite shows 2006

Posted on Friday 29 December 2006

topomodesto: (LA) 01. Jose Gonzalez : Hotel Cafe : 20 March 02. Jose Gonzalez/Death Vessel : Vista Theater : 5 October 03. Band of Horses/Earlimart/Josh Ritter : King King : 22 March 04. French Kicks/Matt & Kim : Troubadour : 21 August 05. Modest Mouse : Avalon : 5 Novemeber 06. Cold War Kids : […]

Band of Horses : The Echo

( Live )

Posted on Thursday 6 July 2006

Band of Horses
I know we’ve dedicated a lot of words to Band of Horses recently, but I wanted to post a quick note on their show in Los Angeles last week. They are just that good. They were solid this time, as they have been all 3 times I’ve seen them. Sera Cahoone opened, and played a great country set, of which “Couch Song” was my favorite. I don’t think much of the crowd recognized, but Sera played drums along with Mat and Ben in Carrisa’s Wierd, as well as on 3 of the tracks on the Horses’ album. The crowd warmed to her regardless. Freed compared her voice (elegant, but plain; sweet, but with some experience to it) to someone, but I can’t remember who he named. Her band was followed by Mt. Egypt, who I’ve seen in some form at each of the 3 Horses shows: opening at The Echo last October, and then when Travis was in the crowd at the show in Hollywood in March.


Posted on Thursday 1 June 2006

Sera Cahoone
After the last round of mixes, Mick & I exchanged extracurricular mixes to comparing our folk/country tastes. We matched up really well, and my “Folk You, Too” coupled with Mick’s more country-oriented, “Folk You, And The Horse You Rode In On” form a great addition to my morning commute shuffle. Here’s a few songs that I stuck on my version. Sera Cahoone is opening at the end of the month for Band of Horses and Mt. Egypt at the Echo. Wouldn’t miss it, even if Zooey Deschanel wanted to do an Elf-style shower duet. Actually, maybe that’s a toss up.