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favorite songs 2008

Posted on Sunday 21 December 2008

best of 2008
Up until the time that we started this site, I used to do yearly mixes with a selection of my favorite tracks. It didn’t really fall into listmania, because the mixes were more organically selected than a top 10 or so. I would normally post this at the end of the month (year), but Mixwit is shutting down, which presumably means the mix won’t work in a week or so. In which case, HERE‘s an opentape (muxtape-like) version that doesn’t embed as well as Mixwit does. Too bad the RIAA didn’t realize earlier what they realized yesterday and just leave these streaming mix sites be… it was a way for us all to share music without explicitly doling out mp3s.

hang the djs

( General and Mixes )

Posted on Thursday 22 February 2007

I remember being pretty shocked when I read that the RIAA was now going after their own promoters on Nah Right, but The New York Times gave the whole episode a full write-up in a lengthy article on Sunday. Now, I’ve only occasionally listened to hip-hop mix CDs (mostly when I was living in Brooklyn near the Fulton Ave mall and they were just there to try out). I’m not in to the acts that Drama pushes, but I thought it was funny in the way that the article described what they do:

The CDs made in The Aphilliates’ studio are called mixtapes — album-length compilations of 20 or so songs, often connected by a theme; they are produced and mixed by a D.J. and usually “hosted” by a rapper


Posted on Sunday 16 October 2005

I think radio is up for a comeback. Unlike the recording industry, which hasn’t found ways to use new technologies other than that which Apple has gifted them, the radio world is branching off into more powerful satellite radio and is taking advantage of streaming over the internet to overcome geographical boundaries.

When I first heard about podcasting, most podcasts available were homemade experiments that often suffered from way too much boring chit-chat by unfunny hosts.

can i borrow that?

Posted on Monday 26 September 2005

Not that it’s a new thing at all, but I’ve been noticing a bunch of melody appropriations recently and felt like mentioning.