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Everything is a Remix

( General and Videos )

Posted on Sunday 26 February 2012

Just over a week ago Kirby Ferguson released the final installment of his “Everything is a Remix” series. The 4 videos are each about 10 minutes long, and explore the concept of “intellectual property” from a number of angles. Part 1 talks about covering, reworking, sampling, and remixing in music. Part 2 deals with re-appropriation and genre in film. Part 3 discusses the technological evolution of the graphical interface in personal computers.

hang the djs

( General and Mixes )

Posted on Thursday 22 February 2007

I remember being pretty shocked when I read that the RIAA was now going after their own promoters on Nah Right, but The New York Times gave the whole episode a full write-up in a lengthy article on Sunday. Now, I’ve only occasionally listened to hip-hop mix CDs (mostly when I was living in Brooklyn near the Fulton Ave mall and they were just there to try out). I’m not in to the acts that Drama pushes, but I thought it was funny in the way that the article described what they do:

The CDs made in The Aphilliates’ studio are called mixtapes — album-length compilations of 20 or so songs, often connected by a theme; they are produced and mixed by a D.J. and usually “hosted” by a rapper

can i borrow that?

Posted on Monday 26 September 2005

Not that it’s a new thing at all, but I’ve been noticing a bunch of melody appropriations recently and felt like mentioning.