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july 2016 mix

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Posted on Friday 1 July 2016

I'll be somebody.

may 2016 mix

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Posted on Sunday 8 May 2016

i will.

for each inch cut
the roots grow ten
where we
can’t see them

i don’t care if i stay or i leave

Posted on Wednesday 28 October 2015

Sera Cahoone is one of my absolute favorite singer-songwriters and clearly among the most formidable of former Carissa’s Wierd members. Somehow I completely missed her 2012 album, Deer Creek Canyon. It’s as consistent as her earlier work but feels like her songwriting has grown. How the shit did I miss this? And damn, it just about floors you with lyrics.

july 2009 mix

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Posted on Wednesday 1 July 2009

July Mix

This one was almost late, so I’m going to save the long mix description. Mostly newer stuff again this month, somewhat grounded by Les Savy Fav and Carissa’s Wierd. Those and The Mosby Family Singers’ “Eternal Life,” which made its way onto Mississippi Records’ 2008 compilation, Oh Graveyard, You Can’t Hold Me Always, as well as Paul Chaplain & His Emeralds’ “Shortnin’ Bread,” which is hard to find, save inclusion on the Bob Dylan-curated radio show compilation, Theme Time Radio Hour, also released last year. Most of the others are newer, although Forest Fire, Pete & The Pirates, and hip-hop album of the year nominee Finale have all made their way onto older mixes. I found Pariah via Gorilla vs. Bear. Enjoy.

november 2008 mix

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Posted on Tuesday 4 November 2008

November Mix
Let’s do this.

Band of Horses : The Echo

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Posted on Thursday 6 July 2006

Band of Horses
I know we’ve dedicated a lot of words to Band of Horses recently, but I wanted to post a quick note on their show in Los Angeles last week. They are just that good. They were solid this time, as they have been all 3 times I’ve seen them. Sera Cahoone opened, and played a great country set, of which “Couch Song” was my favorite. I don’t think much of the crowd recognized, but Sera played drums along with Mat and Ben in Carrisa’s Wierd, as well as on 3 of the tracks on the Horses’ album. The crowd warmed to her regardless. Freed compared her voice (elegant, but plain; sweet, but with some experience to it) to someone, but I can’t remember who he named. Her band was followed by Mt. Egypt, who I’ve seen in some form at each of the 3 Horses shows: opening at The Echo last October, and then when Travis was in the crowd at the show in Hollywood in March.

Band of Horses : Warsaw

( Live )

Posted on Monday 19 June 2006

Band of Horses
I’ve been enjoying Band of Horses new record, Everything all the Time, quite a bit. The twangy side of rock usually doesn’t draw me in too much but these guys know how to put some good songs together. It probably doesn’t hurt that 2/5 of them were in one of my favorite underrated bands, Carissa’s Wierd. Topo and Freed were hyping up their live show after seeing them out in LA, so I decided to check them out. Last night was the third night of sold out NY shows, which saw the band playing Bowery Ballroom on Friday, crossing the Hudson to play Maxwell’s in Hoboken on Saturday, before landing in Brooklyn for the finale.