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I’ve been a fan of British Documentary director, Adam Curtis, for about 12 years: since seeing his spectacular thesis on the correlation between the neoconservative and radical Islamist movements, The Power of Nightmares. His subsequent films, The Trap, All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace, Bitter Lake, and most recently, HyperNomalisation; have each provided incredibly compelling framing of how to understand the world in which we find ourselves. But as strong as the argument is in each film, the soundtracks are shockingly good. Curtis has an obvious taste for comedic irony in his juxtaposition of upbeat pop with the horrors of Western imperialism, but the films are almost all grounded by Curtis’ other interest in “really noisy (ambient electronic music), but turned really melodic.” A good deal of these tracks — but not all — have been featured in Curtis’ films. They seem apt given our full-throttled plunge into the abyss.

(Adam Curis voice) This mix will tell the story of the connections between these strange songs, and reveal the ever present unease hiding within them.

February 2017 Mix – “isn’t quite as it seems”

01 Pye Corner Audio – The Mirror Ball Cracked (2012)
02 LCD Soundsystem – Great Release (2005)
03 Pizzicato Five – Baby Love Child (1991)
04 The House In The Woods – Sunlight On Rusting Hulk (2013)
05 Brian Eno – In Dark Trees (1975)
06 Jenny Hval – Ritual Awakening (2016)
07 Burial – Come Down To Us (2013)
08 Worriedaboutsatan – A Way Out(2016)
09 Nine Inch Nails – 9 Ghosts I (2008)
10 Mittland Och Leo – Decades (2014)
11 Burial – Forgive (2006)
12 Thomas Ragsdale – To Send You Off (2015)
13 The Twilight Sad – A Million Ignorants (2012)
14 Yo La Tengo – Everyday (2000)
15 Cliff Martinez – Wrong Floor (2011)
16 Recondite – Levo (Club Edit) (2014)
17 Nine Inch Nails – Right Where It Belongs (2005)
18 Brian Eno – The Big Ship (1975)
19 Suicide – Dream Baby Dream (1986)


(Streamable version of the mix)