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I loved you California

Operators new album, Blue Wave, is set to come out tomorrow, and while I skipped over it, I wanted to highlight the new track, “Space Needle,” which serves as the album’s finale.

wild nothing

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Wild Nothing

The new two Wild Nothing tracks, “To Know You” and “TV Queen” are pretty solid, but I think what I like most is the appropriation of an A-side/B-side single release into video format. The song continue his 80s nostalgic sound in the new new wave/dream pop realm.

and what if it is too much?

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“Another Love” is a celebration of birth, but it feels just as appropriate appropriated as a song about blossoming romance. The incredible and uncanny video, directed by Michael Langan & Najeeb Tarazi, was created in motion capture of dancers by Kinnects later transposed into 3D modeled worlds.

the proof of me is you

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It’s been 5 years since my favorite band and spirit animal, Les Savy Fav, put out an album.

got to go

There’s a lot of joy and and sass in this electro-funk single from Boulevards (AKA Raleigh, NC’s Jamil Rashad), “Got To Go.” It finally dropped in late September on his debut self-titled EP. It’s a fun listen, and practically implies a need for a Juicy Ride II mix.

this moment changes everything

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Son Lux - Change Is Everything

This is turning into a poppy week. The song is ok — maybe a bit too delicate and contrived in the lyrics for me, but this stop motion video is simply amazing. Son Lux‘s “Change Is Everything” feels appropriately epic.

perfect in the morning and you ruin it in the evening

Beach House

I was shocked, shocked, I tell you, when I heard that Beach House was immediately following up their late August album, Depression Cherry with Thank Your Lucky Stars in mid-October. I mean, where do these people get off? I barely digested the first one. And the bad news is that they are both excellent albums that show very different paths for the band. That’s right, listening to them might even require thinking!

once again i fall into my feminine ways

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I made a visit last week to L.A.’s new architectural landmark, The Broad museum. The museum itself was an impressive feat, but the artwork and its experience within was simply amazing.


Montreal’s TOPS released a video last month to a new and ultra-depressing and hopeless song, “Anything.” Youch. Directed by Tommy Keith.

underneath the canopy

Oh look there’s a new Youth Lagoon video for “The Knower” off of his new album, Savage Hills Ballroom.