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what a fucking joke

Posted on Monday 30 November 2015

I moved out of a town to get away from someone who ended up leaving me. Go figure.

to the speeding train

Posted on Thursday 26 November 2015

By the end of high school, The Van Pelt — the younger brother band to Chisel — had become regular listening on my oversized headphones and one of my favorite bands. The mood of their music drifted between a melodic take on punk rock and almost jazz-like guitar harmonies that would play well as background […]

got to go

Posted on Wednesday 25 November 2015

There’s a lot of joy and and sass in this electro-funk single from Boulevards (AKA Raleigh, NC’s Jamil Rashad), “Got To Go.” It finally dropped in late September on his debut self-titled EP. It’s a fun listen, and practically implies a need for a Juicy Ride II mix.

this moment changes everything

( Videos )

Posted on Tuesday 24 November 2015

Son Lux - Change Is Everything

This is turning into a poppy week. The song is ok — maybe a bit too delicate and contrived in the lyrics for me, but this stop motion video is simply amazing. Son Lux‘s “Change Is Everything” feels appropriately epic.


Posted on Monday 23 November 2015


So the lyrics for TENDER‘s “Melt” are probably the cheesiest of any song I’ve posted, but I’m still feeling this track. I suppose some people would call this “smooth” or “sexy.” I kinda think it’s hilarious. But the groovy electro beat more than makes up for it. But yeah, I’d hit it.

when we look in the mirror we only see what we want to see

Posted on Friday 20 November 2015

Youth Lagoon

Song Exploder, one of my favorite podcasts and ways to read further into the music I enjoy, did an episode on Youth Lagoon’s “The Knower” on Monday, and it’s well worth the listen, even if only to hear why a Wurlitzer was brought in to the track.

the best thing ever don’t exist

Posted on Thursday 19 November 2015


I have no shame that — after an adolescence listening to counterculture punk and indie bands from DC, NYC, & Olympia — I went through a period at the beginning of college listening to relatively frivolous and angsty pop-punk that I was unaware of until being introduced to by my suburban introvert counterparts. And in ’97, one of those bands was Sicko, a pop-punk band out of Seattle that would have fit in well with on the Lookout! Records roster.


Posted on Wednesday 18 November 2015


I had not realized that Columbus-born hip-hop producer, RJD2, had relocated to Philadelphia, but his return to full album production work in May with Philly rapper, Sugar Tongue Slim aka STS, eliminated my ignorance. The production sounds like trademark RJD2 and comes together really well. I’m digging this ode to pot, “420.”

as she drove away…

Posted on Tuesday 17 November 2015

I forget how I stumbled on to TV Girl, but my guess is KXLU. I love the retro-pop with goofball lyrics of “Benny and the Jets” (not a cover). Pretty much all their stuff is available for free on Bandcamp. And “If You Want It” is also a gem.

field of sorrow

Posted on Monday 16 November 2015

Through samples in hip-hop, I’ve come to really love using funky jazz pianist and composer, Galt MacDermot, as background music to work too. He’s best known as the composer for the musical, Hair, but I’m mesmerized by his 1966 LP, Shapes of Rhythm. The whole thing plays through as an end-to-end burner, and highlights include the Handsome Boy Modeling School-sampled “Coffee Cold,” as well as the track above, “Fields of Sorrow.” I actually included it back in 2013 on Needles & Pins, but coming across the collection of his unreleased recordings, Up From The Basement Vol. 1 & 2, made me want to highlight it again.