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to love somebody

Posted on Saturday 31 October 2015

The first time I heard James Carr was rooting through the dollar bins of vinyl at a local (and now no longer) record store in my neighborhood. I was floored immediately – he’s become my favorite soul singer and he happens to have come up during what I think is the best period and location for soul, late-60s Mephis, Tennessee. Goldwax Records (and Hi-Records), to be specific. And this 1969 backing band is spectacular, and I cannot get enough of the hard hitting drums once they drop.

now that you’re gone, life goes on

Posted on Friday 30 October 2015

Minneapolis’ Dark Dark Dark has floored me on a couple of times over multiple albums, the first being “Daydreaming” off of their 2010 album, Wild Go.

once again i fall into my feminine ways

( Videos )

Posted on Thursday 29 October 2015

I made a visit last week to L.A.’s new architectural landmark, The Broad museum. The museum itself was an impressive feat, but the artwork and its experience within was simply amazing.

i don’t care if i stay or i leave

Posted on Wednesday 28 October 2015

Sera Cahoone is one of my absolute favorite singer-songwriters and clearly among the most formidable of former Carissa’s Wierd members. Somehow I completely missed her 2012 album, Deer Creek Canyon. It’s as consistent as her earlier work but feels like her songwriting has grown. How the shit did I miss this? And damn, it just about floors you with lyrics.

take care

Posted on Tuesday 27 October 2015

The new Deerhunter has landed and they are as dependable as ever, even though it’s only 9 tracks. Hey- is it just me? Or does “Take Care” feel inspired by Beach House’s song of the same name?

so glad

Posted on Monday 26 October 2015

I have to admit that even though I regularly post mixes to 8tracks, I only sporadically dig through mixes posted there. But I returned to flamgirlant’s awesome “Summer Burn 2010” recently and oh man do I love this opener by The Evil D’s (not to be confused with 90s hip-hop producer, DJ Evil Dee, of Black Moon). “So Glad” was included as a bonus track to Truth & Soul’s 7″ series collection Fallin’ Off The Reel Vol. 1.

can ya blame me?

Posted on Friday 23 October 2015

Loving the feel of this track from L.A. based rap group, Warm Brew. Off their iTunes-only release, Ghetto Beach Boyz, which is excellent.


Posted on Thursday 22 October 2015

Montreal’s TOPS released a video last month to a new and ultra-depressing and hopeless song, “Anything.” Youch. Directed by Tommy Keith.

don’t go, don’t go, don’t go, don’t go, don’t go

Posted on Wednesday 21 October 2015

Bill Callahan feels like that wise, deep-voiced friend we go to when we need advice from someone who isn’t our father. I don’t know if there is actually much wisdom in the idea of an unending goodbye, where every question is responded in place of an actual parting, but he certainly sells the feeling well.

underneath the canopy

Posted on Tuesday 20 October 2015

Oh look there’s a new Youth Lagoon video for “The Knower” off of his new album, Savage Hills Ballroom.