no, these are the 10 best les savy fav songs

Posted on Saturday 9 February 2013

Buzzmediogum posted a thoughtful and well-considered list of the best Les Savy Fav songs, but which was somehow devoid of anything pre-ǝɯoɹ. Plus, Mr. DeVille posted all Spotified-album cuts rather than videos/live versions. LSF are performance art, my man! Here’s my list, let’s argue about it, but stay friends.

10. Our Coastal Hymn (from Our Coastal Hymn/Bringing Us Down, 1998)
A Les Savy Fav epic. Is it weird to hope for LSF lead singer, Tim Harrington, to write my obituary? Good; cuz, yeah.

09. Reformat (from The Cat And The Cobra, 1999)
My favorite song to rock on the cheap boombox I bought while living in Rome in 2000 to rock Les Savy Fav to. “In Brooklyn, we stay home.”

08. The Sweat Descends (from Inches, 2004)
Live favorite, record favorite. The perfect vehicle for Tim to put his hands down an audience member’s pants and make them either the happiest or most uncomfortable person at a show.

07. Scout’s Honor (from 3/5, 1997)
I don’t know about the re-release of 3/5, but there were no lyrics listed in the original CD release I have. I have to admit, embarrassingly, that when I listened to “Scout’s Honor,” I thought the lyrics at the end were something like, “Ellie, you’re so savey while you’re gravy.” I even sang along like that. This, coupled with a moratorium on playing the song during the 7 year period that the band was a 4-piece made it all the more worthwhile when they brought it back in 2007. EL-EY-ESS-ESS-AY-VEE-WHY-EFF-AY-VEE!

06. Tragic Monsters (from Go Forth, 2001)
When “Go Forth” came out, I actually found it hard to listen to because it was difficult to not hit repeat after being destroyed by the opening track.

05. Asleepers Union (from ǝɯoɹ, 2000)
I’ve always felt this was one of LSF’s most approachable songs, but that doesn’t mean it is any less awesome. You don’t even have to like apocalyptic plague stories to love this song. If there was some life play count on how many times I’ve listened to “Asleepers Union,” I’m fairly confident it’s up to 4 figures.

04. Meet Me In The Dollar Bin (from Inches, 2004)
True story.

03. Dishonest Don Part II (from The Cat And The Cobra, 1999)
“It’s skipping. IT’S SKIPPING!”

02. Appetites (from Root For Ruin, 2010)
Les Savy Fav start off pretty much every album with a slap in the face to remind you who’s boss, and this is the best one so far. This is an extremely dangerous song.

01. Je T’aime (from 3/5, 1997)
I don’t think I’ve ever heard LSF perform “Je T’aime,” their great composition about falls from grace, broken dreams, and conquering love (well, that’s my reading, at least). Straddling the line between punk and ballad, the heartfelt and the tongue-in-cheek; it is the song that first got me into LSF, and will forever remain their greatest in my mind.


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