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moonface kills unchained melody

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Posted on Wednesday 26 September 2012

Moonface and Siinai played the Echo last week and capped off the night with a cover of “Unchained Melody,” documented for posterity by a saint of a youtube user named Farglow above. I have to be honest: I’m a cynical person. I’m hesitant to buy into things, and am prone to pull out a gross, hipstericious opinion of dismissal fairly easily. When they started into the song, my immediate thought was, “Why this dull and obvious standard?” For a cover, it felt like a weak choice. But probably about halfway in, it became obvious how amazingly heartfelt Spencer Krug’s version would be. By the emotional peak about 2 1/2 minutes in, I was fucking destroyed. If you listen to this, and I mean actually attentively listen to it, and it doesn’t hit you, I really don’t know what can be done for you. Because for me, it’s game over. Fell, destroyed, by you. You guys have a good night.

powder and blood and depression

Posted on Thursday 6 September 2012

This is really good. I know I’ve said that before, but really really good. An introspective song about depression that blurs genres. I hear Ian Curtis in the vocals over Jimmy Tamborello beats. There is a lengthy, worthwhile, and suprisingly candid interview with Moses Gold aka Phill Young at The Line of Best Fit. “This stuff is going to mean something.”

september 2012 mix

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Posted on Tuesday 4 September 2012

September Mix

Just as Norman Foster says of our need for cities in the opening of Urbanized, the thing that attracts me to new music is the surprise of the unexpected. I need it like pancakes need syrup. I’ll listen to a new discovery over and over again until the desire in my head is quenched. This mix is somewhat of a follow up to July, with an unprecedented repeat of three artists. But it has a smoother, less retro feel, appropriate as vacations wrap up, students go back to the educational grind, and summer peaks out. Peak out to this.