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Posted on Tuesday 17 July 2012

My coworkers are typically too annoyed by his voice for me to play him out loud, but ever since he floored me with a snarling performance of “Positive Jam” when opening for Les Savy Fav back in 2004, Craig Finn’s lyrics have been ones that I give my full and undivided attention to. One of my favorite Hold Steady lines is in “Multitude of Casualties”:

We heard the deacon’s hopeful eulogy
At least in dying you don’t have to deal with new wave for a second time

In reality, this mix started as a mostly electronic selection, and somehow morphed into a nostalgic new wave-inspired mix like a checkered linoleum tile floor into well groomed Los Angeles police officer searching for John Connor. I think it fits the heart of summer. Let your ears, feet, and hips decide.

[cover image by Zakuro Aoyama]

July 2012 Mix – “Regain Control”

01 Ice Cream Shout – Tattooed Tears (2010)
02 COOLRUNNINGS – The Fool (2012)
03 Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – She’s Leaving (1981)
04 Houses – Soak It Up (2010)
05 Psychic TV – Godstar (1988)
06 Suburban Living – Summer Breeze (2011)
07 Chromatics – Back From The Grave (2012)
08 Tashaki Miyaki – Hollywood Forever Cemetary Sings (2012)
09 WALSH – Days Of Thunder (2010)
10 Long Goodbye – Fashion Of Fear (2001)
11 Sonoi – Eva Baton (2010)
12 Bachelorette – Not Entertainment (2012)
13 Grimes – Oblivion (2012)
14 ANTWON – Turn 2 Die (2011)
15 Film School – Breet (2006)
16 A Flock Of Seagulls – Space Age Love Song (1982)
17 Trailer Trash Tracys – Candy Girl (2012)
18 College – Fantasy Park (2008)


(Streamable version of mix)

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4 Comments for 'july 2012 mix'

    30 July 2012 | 4:47 pm

    Hi Hear Say,

    Warm greetings from France! We hope you had an awesome weekend and if you have a minute, could you please review in your blog our new electro project:
    Artist: Vulgar Refund of Proverbial Shock. Single: Addiction.

    Debut album “Aka” from Vulgar Refund of Proverbial Shock allow us to experience a whole new explosion. Music strikes back against the struggle between vulgar and obsession.
    If this record doesn’t pop up on the DJ’s turntables while you’re dancing, then you’re missing out. On complete tracks filled to the brim of skin touching, heat fueled pandemonium. George La Font and Brice “Brith” Therill behind the creative birth of Vulgar Refund have found the missing shock of energy missing from the dance floor. Now as they have relocated to Brooklyn, NY.

    Their single “Addiction” will hit you were it not only hurts but feels good. Driving you towards a brute, orgasmic, body thirsting beat; you’ll want more and more as the cosmic wave of electric brings in the lip biting, body shaking everyone will be doing as this track plays well into the late hours.

    Official video for the song is in production. Single will be officially released this year, now you can enjoy it on soundcloud.
    Pick up your song:
    Official Record Label Teaser:

    Let us know if you need further information about the project.
    Thank you for supporting new artist and hope to establish relationship with you in order to provide Frenchly delicious exclusive info on upcoming releases.

    Public Different Rec.


    31 July 2012 | 11:37 pm

    Great music, as usual. Have you heard any Mac DeMarco?

    1 August 2012 | 2:11 am

    Keaton: I think I had heard “Only You” at one point, but I hadn’t given him any real attention. Really like it! Will give it a closer listen.

    Public Different: Thanks for the submission. Will give a listen.

    1 August 2012 | 2:34 am

    Keaton: Figured it out… I had heard a bunch of his stuff a year or so back as Makeout Videotape. Didn’t realize about the moniker change, but good to hear he’s still going strong.

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