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wasting your days

Posted on Wednesday 27 April 2011

The Hood Internet - Raekwon vs. Destroyer

There is something absolutely now about ABX of The Hood Internet’s mashup of Destoyer’s 70s-throwback “Kaputt” with Rae, Ghost’s & co.’s 2003-era but retro-flavored “Cuttin’ It Up.” To me it’s just lovely.

don’t move here

( General and Videos )

Posted on Sunday 24 April 2011

It would be hard to count the number of bands that I enjoy that call Portland home, but it has always seemed somewhat mysterious or aloof to me, even after multiple visits. I like the tongue-in-cheek name for “Don’t Move Here;” while the show is obviously interesting and educational for a non-Portlander such as myself, it is much more a ‘for-us-by-us’ endeavor (I suppose the rest of us still have Portlandia). I’d recommend all of the episodes, but I especially enjoyed the episode on the Mississippi Ave area, which starts with a visit to Mississippi Records – a store that I’ve previously noted as a great education for me in delta blues and gospel recordings. In addition to being a great local record shop, Mississippi Records has picked up where 60s/70s-record label Yazoo left off, in curating a number of compilations, releases and mixtapes that focus on forgotten and overlooked recordings. It’s great to hear about the neighborhood that they are a part of.

april 2011 mix

( Mixes )

Posted on Saturday 2 April 2011

April Mix

Do you like music? Well this one is a call to action. A temporal mix that hopefully reads more timeless than momentary. A sort of “Music Now!” demand in line with the standout Frightened Rabbit track off their Sings The Greys debut. I always seem to end up with a bunch of late 60s tracks, and the ones on this mix seem to be especially central to the overall gesture. Almost as a challenge to myself after having an argument with a friend on the quality of 80s music, and realizing how few products of the 80s make their way onto my mixes; I managed to get two tracks on this one. And, especially considering the recent wave of 80s throwbacks in the hipster indie world, I think if you didn’t check the track tags, you’d never even know. They sound that current. Of a time. But timelessly relevant. The time for us is now.