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les savy fav covered california uber alles last night

( Live )

Posted on Saturday 29 January 2011

Les Savy Fav @ Echoplex

I took the Dead Kennedys cover as a a concession to any in the Echoplex crowd that might have taken offense to “Sleepless In Silverlake.” Either that or they just wanted to make a social comment on the fact that Jerry Brown is back as governor.

me without you

Posted on Tuesday 25 January 2011

22-year old Mary Wells in 1965, post-Motown.

don’t fuck with jai paul, don’t fuck with jai paul

Posted on Wednesday 19 January 2011

Jai Paul

I’ve seen people call his track, “BTSTU,” ‘dubstep’ or ‘chillwave,’ and I’ll try to put aside my distaste for quickly-manufactured labels to point out that this is a mashup. A genre-mashup, yes, in the vein of Beck, but it is really not that off from what it would sound like if The Hood Internet threw Grizzly Bear vocals over a hard-hitting J Dilla beat. I know, I know, you say N*E*R*D, but that was Timbaland + falsetto. This is Dilla + falsetto. I honestly don’t know why it took so long for someone to marry these two together, because it is perfect. Like gay marriage perfect. Or opposite marriage perfect. It is like gay marriage marrying opposite marriage perfect (which technically might be an orgy).

bring your friends

Posted on Saturday 15 January 2011

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home is wherever i’m with you

Posted on Monday 10 January 2011

Just about the cutest thing I’ve seen in years. Cover of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros’ “Home” by San Diego-based father/daughter duo of Jorge & Alexa Narvaez.

favorite songs 2010

Posted on Sunday 9 January 2011

Hearsay Best of 2010 Mix
Click HERE for this year’s “best of” mix. I just needed this weekend to wrap it up. My actual completely subjective and nonsensical list of favorite tracks of the year is in the comments.

favorite videos 2010

( General and Videos )

Posted on Saturday 8 January 2011

It took me a while, but here are my favorites. I’m sure I missed some good ones. I think this is the first time I’m putting a video of a live performance in my top 10, but the footage by 521studies of Future Islands live in North Carolina is just that good. They didn’t make my list, but honorable mentions go to Erykah Badu’s remake of last year’s Matt & Kim video, as well as the crew at Auto-Tune The News crew for turning every worthless youtube sensation into a hilarious music video.

01. Colourmusic – Yes! [directed by Nick Turner]
02. Broken Social Scene – Meet Me In The Basement (unofficial) [anonymous]
03. Future Islands – An Apology (live) [directed by 521studies]
04. Vitalic – Poney Part I [directed by Pleix]
05. Denki Groove – Fake It [directed by Hideyuki Tanaka]
06. Eskmo – We Got More [directed by Cyriak Harris]
07. Les Savy Fav – Let’s Get Out Of Here [directed by Luke Harris]
08. Daft Punk – Derezzed [directed by Warren Fu]
09. Flying Lotus – Kill Your Coworkers [directed by beeple]
10. Real Estate – Suburban Dogs [directed by Richard Law]

[2009 list]

january 2011 mix

( Mixes )

Posted on Saturday 1 January 2011

January Mix

Happy New Year.