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breakneck speed

Posted on Tuesday 25 May 2010

“It’s good to be back” indeed. From the sound of “Breakneck Speed,” it sounds like a return of the Tokyo Police Club that dominated indie rock music bloggery of 2006/2007, before an overly/inappropriately-produced debut LP popped their hype bubble. I like the song Alot. The video has a similar feel to the one for “Your English Is Good.” Looking forward to Champ, which comes out on 8 May. You can pre-order it from their website and get a few tracks as digital downloads, including the aforementioned track.

dave gets all mr. rogers on the national

( Live and Videos )

Posted on Friday 14 May 2010

“What is that? You made that, right?”

may 2010 mix

( Mixes )

Posted on Saturday 1 May 2010

May Mix
It’s one of those months where I really don’t have time to properly write up the mix, but let’s see what I can do here in the next couple of minutes. Basically as soon as I heard “An Apology,” I knew that Future Islands would find a way onto a mix. “Beach Foam” goes back to their 2008 album, Wave Like Home. I am on pins and needles for their new album, In Evening Air, which comes out on May 4th. The other song off that they’ve leaked is “Tin Man,” which from what I can understand of the lyrics is brilliant take on heartbreak, told through an appropriation of The Wizard of Oz’s most robot-like persona. You’d have to be a fool… or at least an older brother traveling to see you little sister’s graduation, to miss their L.A. shows 5/21 + 5/22 at Sync Space and The Smell, respectively.