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from the vault

Posted on Sunday 28 February 2010

Pete & The Pirates - They Shoot Music Don't They

Pete & The Pirates, Tommy Sanders’ other outlet when he isn’t Tap Tap, just released a couple of live Take Away Show-style performances from Austria for They Shoot Music Don’t They. They do 2 songs, “Blood Gets Thin,” a haunting b-side from a 2009 single, and “Mr. Understanding,” from their full-length, Little Death. I was excited to see these because I really had very little hint at what the band looked like from liner notes and their lack of U.S. touring, but through the magic of youtube related videos, I’m now looking and realizing that they have a whole bunch of videos online for me to go through. I’m on it.

totally awesome

Posted on Sunday 14 February 2010

“Read the shirt: pro-motor.”

Marv Won released his debut, Wayne Fontes Music last month, which finally makes available hearsay favoriteStomp.” “Totally Awesome” is the latest video from the album, and is named after the gem of a Tracy Morgan sample from a movie of the same name that kicks off the track. Rio Data and Marv Won pepper the song with wit to rival Ricky Gervais at a Palin family gathering. And the cartoonish antics of Nathaniel Hall and Che Patterson’s video play off the insanity of Big Tone’s beat. It may have been straight-to-video, but being a Tracy Morgan and Half-Baked fan, Totally Awesome went straight to the top of my rental list.

february 2010 mix

( Mixes )

Posted on Monday 1 February 2010

February Mix

What a good month for new releases January was, and at the top of my list are Beach House‘s Teen Dream and Laura VeirsJuly Flame, both of which are included on this mix. I’m glad the Beach House album has gotten such a good response, I think it is entirely well deserved and no song depicts how amazing it is better than album closer, “Take Care.” The song is simultaneously simple and complex, layered with orchestration in a way that simultaneously recalls the 50s and 80s while feeling out-of-place enough that it is very ‘now.’ As always, I am constantly thrown off by Victoria Legrand’s sultry but detached voice, which reaches maybe an album-wide apex as she sings, “I’ll take care of you / If you ask me to / In a year or two.”