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detroit’s michigan central

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Posted on Sunday 19 April 2009

Michigan Central Station
I’ve made no secret that I consider Detroit my lost home (think The Odyssey). And the current coming of age of post-Dilla/post-Proof Detroit hip-hop has only furthered that appreciation for the city. I was disappointed last week when it was reported last week that Detroit’s city council had voted to force demolition of one of the gems of Detroit’s heritage, the long abandoned Michigan Central Train Depot.

april 2009 mix

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Posted on Friday 3 April 2009

April Mix

It took me a while to get around to doing a proper writeup this month… I don’t know, it might just be me, but the slow build of Forest Fire‘s “Slow Motion” with the heavy drums and blazing recorders is awesome. Sounds like it would fit into a Wes Anderson sequence. Towards the end of the movie. I’m feel obliged to put Kurt Vile (of The War On Drugs), The Mary Onettes, and Foreign Born on here. But they’re all great songs so I don’t expect any lip for it. Noah23 made it into Cokemachineglow’s year end picks, and is wothwhile for the Daniel Johnston sample alone. And can you believe that this Nobody beat is relegated to Interlude status? I mean Pacific Drift is good, but that is some stand out track shit right there. Oh yeah and I finally put another Honey Brothers track on one of these mixes. A bit tacky, maybe, but I love the Weezer-ness of it all. Couple throwbacks to round out this months selections. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.