MGMT on KCRW (9/17/08)

Posted on Saturday 27 September 2008

Last week MGMT played a great set on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic in preparation for their show at The Hollywood Bowl the following evening. Much as with their performance at the Bowl, opening for Spoon and Beck, the songs translate very well live. I have to think this is because the majority of the instrumentation is pre-recorded synthesized, but there is a whole lot of guitar-solo-ness going on here too. And even if the glam rock wanna-be solo on “Weekend Wars” had my fingers on the digital radio dial, it is worth sticking it out to hear “Electric Feel” and “The Handshake.” This is pretty much the selection of songs I remember from the Bowl, with the exception of the goof ball Laid Back cover in place of the crowd favorite, “Kids.” But then, nobody every accused them of being too prolific for their own good.

Update: files removed by request.

: 01 Of Moons, Birds And Monsters :
: 02 Weekend Wars :
: 03 Pieces Of What :
: 04 Roger (Laid Back cover) :
: 05 Electric Feel :
: 06 The Handshake :

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2 Comments for 'MGMT on KCRW (9/17/08)'

    29 September 2008 | 5:11 pm

    just fyi – with the exception of kids, none of the live show is pre-recorded.

    29 September 2008 | 6:37 pm

    i suppose i should have written “synthesized” instead of “pre-recorded.” my seats were way back at the bowl (and i don’t remember from the last time i saw them) so i wasn’t sure if there was much programed on laptops or if all the sound effects were played on keyboards, but “electric feel” sounded as good as it did on the album in both this kcrw set and at the bowl.

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