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when they mow down motown for a parking lot

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Posted on Thursday 17 July 2008

Mark Abraham of Cokemachineglow has very quickly become my new favorite music reviewer. After first blindsiding me with his thoughtful and engaging (and 2,359-word) review of an album that I otherwise wasn’t too interested in, and then the ‘No Big Hair’-awarded review of Shapeshifters by Detroit-by-way-of-Ann Arbor rapper, Invincible. Being a longtime lover of Detroit (I don’t want to give up to much personal information, but about 6 years ago I did a lengthy study on the exact issues that the above video for “Locusts” touches upon), I have long had an affinity for all things Detroit and, in particular, Detroit hip-hop. I never ended up moving there, but as guest rapper Finale explains towards the beginning of the track, “D speaks to me.”

the end’s not near

Posted on Friday 4 July 2008

I love the video for The New Year‘s “The End’s Not Near” probably even more than I liked the song in the first place. I know I’m sort of breaking my promise not to flood the site with Pitchfork.tv videos, but this one is worth it. I like the playfulness of the moving camera and bicyclist, but I think what really makes it is the color of the dawn sky over – what is it – an overgrown parking lot next to an out of use airport? Their website says they have a new album coming out in September. Happy 4th, kids.

july 2008 mix

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Posted on Tuesday 1 July 2008

July Mix
I forget who was originally responsible for discovering them between us, but I’m willing to give Freed credit for turning me on to Blue States. This was probably in 2002, right around the time that a song of their found its way into the soundtrack for 28 Days Later. At the time they were recording pretty downtempo/electroinca-type stuff, so it hit me by total surprise when, after an apparent breakup and regrouping, their 2004 album, The Soundings, turned out to be a sort of M83-like take at guitar driven indie rock. It wasn’t well received (I don’t think it ever got a U.S. release…), but I loved it.