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feed the animals

Posted on Thursday 19 June 2008

Girl Talk - Feed The Animals
There’s really no reason not to…
Girl Talk’s new album, In Rainbows-style (name your own price download).

good review vs. bad review

Posted on Wednesday 18 June 2008

Wolf Parade - At Mount Zoomer
One, thoughtful and effective in contextualizing an album that might not represent the most approachable of big name releases this year; the other reactionary and predictable.

She & Him on NPR (6/11/08)

( Live )

Posted on Saturday 14 June 2008

She And Him
Rounding out a string of radio session posts, and fresh from watching The Go-Getter, here’s She & Him‘s Steve Lillywhite session for NPR. With due credit to the Lillywhite/NPR, sounds a lot better than the sessions they did for KEXP and KCRW. They perform 3 songs, which are interspersed with a short interview, where they talk about hooking up (musically) after their duet that played over the end credits in The Go-Getter.

M83 on KCRW (5/19/08)

( Live )

Posted on Wednesday 11 June 2008

M83 on KCRW
Last month M83 performed live with Southern California “edgey” and “eclectic” music stalwart Nic Harcourt on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic. The performance, surprisingly well-mixed for a live radio recording, reinforces Anthony Gonzalez’s return to his shoegazer roots. The five tracks selected, four off the new album, Saturdays = Youth, released April 15th on Mute Records and one off the 2005 release Before Dawn Heals Us, blend almost seamlessly. Recording credits for the recent release go to Ken Thomas (known for his work with Sigur Rós, The Sugarcubes, Boys in a Band, Cocteau Twins and Suede), Ewan Pearson (who has also produced for Tracey Thorn, The Rapture and Ladytron) and Morgan Kibby (of The Romanovs, and Morgan and the Hidden Hands).

Okkervil River on WOXY (4/23/08)

( Live )

Posted on Saturday 7 June 2008

Okkervil River on WOXY
Because I use this site more to recommend upstart bands and forgotten favorites, I’ve spoken more in private than on here about my affinity for Okkervil River. I was excited when Pitchfork reported that, just as Black Sheep Boy merited an Appendix of excellent tracks that were brushed aside in crafting the album, The Stage Names leftovers will take the form of The Stand Ins. The first hint at the new album came in their recent session for WOXY, which was kicked off with “Lost Coastlines.”

june 2008 mix

( Mixes )

Posted on Sunday 1 June 2008

June Mix
It seems that every 6 months I have to play catch up with songs I’ve been meaning to include on a mix for a while, just to clear the queue. This is one of those months. It also marks a year of doing these mixes, or maybe last month did that… look, this is a blog, don’t expect any fancy arithmetic out of me. Or simple addition.