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zero star

Posted on Sunday 30 March 2008

Zero Star
I don’t think I’ve read a single review of Zero Star that doesn’t note that he is from Columbus, Ohio, or how his talent somehow relates to fellow Columbus hip-hop artists Copywrite, Illogic, Rjd2 & Blueprint. It’s not entirely unwarranted; Columbus hip-hop is a niche market in relation to other midwest cities, Chicago and Detroit… but Zero Star’s location and musical lineage seem to be elements that overshadow his talented lyricism in a way disproportionate to upcoming rappers of other cities.

Frightened Rabbit on WOXY (3/13/08)

( Live )

Posted on Sunday 23 March 2008

Frightened Rabbit on WOXY
Among the many bands that WOXY was good enough to record in Austin during SxSW 2008 was Frightened Rabbit. Being that I’m counting the days until their 2nd album sees release (April 15), I was more than excited to hear a bunch of the new tracks from Midnight Organ Fight (in a convenient acoustic format). Below are the songs only; make sure to go to WOXY for the entire set along with an interview; in which Scott takes full ownership over the songs and threatens to kick his brother Grant out of the band. Ah, the mental warfare that goes on between brothers… “Old Old Fashioned” is especially awesome. I remember hearing that from their visit to L.A., and I love the pace to the song: more upbeat and rocking than the typical Frightened Rabbit ballad.

march 2008 mix

( Mixes )

Posted on Saturday 1 March 2008

March Mix
I don’t know if it comes off to anyone reading, but I obsess over the selections for these monthly mixes. Since my posting is pretty haphazard, it is often the only way I end up recommending music, and my aspirations for the mixes are always a lot more lofty than 10 tracks will really allow. But I like the constraint of being succinct. I was pretty sure this month was lining up to be a disaster. There are so many songs that have been building up in the backlog… Meanwhile there are all these new albums; I don’t want the mixes to fall too far on either side of vintage or new. And then out of nowhere Frightened Rabbit came in to save the day with their brand new single.