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cut. foot. loose.

Posted on Tuesday 29 January 2008

Yacht Rock 11
Holy shit, indeed. Not to let getting canceled in 2006 hold them back, a new episode of Yacht Rock surfaced over the weekend. With many of the Michael McDonald tales already told, the focus is on Loggins, although the blue-eyed soul singer and ‘regular soul singer’ James Ingram join him in an epic battle against the “mellow, but not smooth”-ness of Jimmy Buffet. And if that still isn’t enough to sell you, there’s Jason Lee as Kevin Bacon eating bacon. We can only hope that a trip on the highway is to follow.

black mirror

Posted on Friday 25 January 2008

Black Mirror
There’s no denying the way that The Arcade Fire are push interaction through the internet releases of their music videos. The new video for “Black Mirror,” directed by Oliver Groulx & Tracy Maurice, isn’t as interactive as the one Vincent Morisset did for “Neon Bible,” but is is just as artful. After the witty loading page, you can re-mix the track live, while the video plays. On my beat-up computer this causes a slight lag between the drums & vocals, but not so much that it takes away from the awesomeness of the idea, or of the odd plot and vintage art direction of the video (although a volume control would have been nice). Check it out here.

the dodos

Posted on Friday 25 January 2008

The Dodos
I guess I’ve just about resigned myself to the fact that this is a one-post-a-month site, at least for the time being, as well as the reality that freed isn’t posting anything, ever. But I’m gonna keep doing the monthly mixes, and every now and then I’ll feel inspired enough to do a quick posting. Right now, it’s The Dodos, a 2-piece that I saw open for Les Savy Fav in December. They immediately made me think of a mix between Two Gallants and Rogue Wave, so when I found out that they were from San Francisco (just as the aforementioned), I felt like a wine snob who guessed Alsace correctly in a blind tasting. At the time, I honestly wasn’t that impressed… they weren’t bad, but they didn’t catch me. And between drinks and conversation, they really needed to wow me. But I went home with the sound of them in my head (and a lipstick heart drawn by Tim of Les Savy Fav on my cheek)… and when I realized I had already downloaded “Fools” randomly from a blog at some point, it started to creep up on me until it was getting played almost daily.

january 2008 mix

( Mixes )

Posted on Thursday 3 January 2008

January Mix
A couple days late but no worse for the wear, we’re kicking off the year with Comet Gain‘s ode to musical time capsules. I recently unearthed a bunch of awesome old mixtapes, mostly copies of ones I had made for others back in high school, as well as some hip-hop mix cd’s I made for myself that carry no tracklisting and are simply labeled by number (“twelve” + “thirteen” to be exact). I love coming back to these and remembering bands that would otherwise fall by the wayside. Hopefully this month’s mix draws on that. And though I’m still so drained from the new year that I don’t have the capacity to write-up all of the selections, I just wanted to note that I’m really liking the Clear Tigers‘ album, Brutal. It is super catchy and really doesn’t fit the current Brooklyn Zeitgeist… I feel like it is 2007’s Ambulance LTD (I mean that in a good way).

most anticipated 2008

Posted on Tuesday 1 January 2008

01. Frightened Rabbit – Midnight Organ Fighting
02. Tokyo Police Club – full length
03. Murs – Murs For President
04. Cat Power – Jukebox {01.22.2008}
05. Wilderness – new album
06. Magnetic Fields – Distortion {01.15.2008}
07. Nas – Nigger {02.2008}
08. Wolf Parade – new album
09. of Montreal – Skeletal Lamping {10.2008}
10. Constantines – new album