Les Savy Fav on BBC Radio 1 (10/22/07)

Posted on Sunday 11 November 2007

Mosquito Tim Harrington
As promised, here is Les Savy Fav playing live on BBC Radio 1. Usually I edit out the interview parts of these shows, but with L.S.F., the interview can sometimes be the best part. They talk about the climate of their new album/regrouping, as well as the timing of that Jetplane Landing song.

: 01 Intro :
: 02 Patty Lee :
: 03 Interview :
: 04 Raging In The Plague Age :

In other awesome LSF news, checkout Tim in the Nothing But Nets campaign to provide nets to fight malaria in Africa. Tim totally nails the annoyance of a mosquito flying by your ear. With those big glasses, he reminds me of Jay, that dude who won Project Runway. Seeing Tim in a TV ad is the best crossover joy since St. Paddy‘s stomach tattoo got featured in a magazine ad a few years ago. “How much art can you take?”

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