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october mix

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Posted on Sunday 30 September 2007

October 2007 Mix
This month’s mix is up, and goes out to our friend and hospitalized KXLU DJ, Octavius. If anyone finds his Suzuki-riding assailant, make a Tom Hanks-style citizen’s arrest. Its weird, because I distinctly remember when I started pulling these selections together that I was worried that it was too folksy. As it turned out it is straight pop. Well maybe not straight pop, but there is a lot of electronica stuff in there and it is more pop than usual.

Band of Horses on KCRW (9/6/07)

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Posted on Thursday 13 September 2007

Band of Horses
Band of Horses played KCRW last week, showing off 5 new songs from their upcoming album, Cease To Begin. I was a little concerned about how the new one might turn out after Mat Brooke’s departure. My fears were calmed when they sounded good despite a lackluster crowd at the Hollywood Bowl in July (I know, big surprise, right?), and they sound good here too. “Ode To The LRC” is my favorite of the new ones, even if it begins to sound like a Decemberists’ song at the end. As usual, I edited out the dead air and pumped up the volume like I’m Rakim. For the full set with the interview, check KCRW’s archives.

okkervil river tonight at the troubadour

Posted on Tuesday 4 September 2007

I can’t wait. The last time I saw them I hadn’t let their stuff soak in yet. They were good, but as much as I went on to love that album, it was so melodramatic that I don’t think it let them kick out the jams the way I’m expecting the new songs will. The video for “Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe” is really cool on a number of levels. I like the dichotomy between the set of the shoot and watching and how they are uncomfortably squeezed the performance into that motel room. Is it just me, or does Will look like he hasn’t adjusted to not wearing glasses? They pulled off the same song relatively well on Late Night, which is worth it just to see Conan give them the full seal of approval.