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biscuit (+2 new songs)

Posted on Wednesday 25 April 2007

frightened rabbit
Frightened Rabbit recently posted a unique blog entry on their myspace page offering to send a biscuit (cookie) and some new songs in the mail to anyone who asked. After soaking up their new record and modern leper ep, I couldn’t resist. Scott e-mailed me back warning of the dangers of trans-atlantic biscuit shipping (it came smashed), but his hand marked ‘Very Okay’ cd-r indeed came intact and what a treat it is. It contains 2 unreleased tracks, ‘Head Rolls Off’ and ‘Keep Yourself Warm’, along with the aforementioned Modern Leper. The two new tracks are great, picking right up from their other songs. In keeping with the spirit of their offer, I recommend you contact them yourself to hear the new songs. Of course, don’t forget about the biscuit, if there’s anything left of it.

this bitter earth

Posted on Saturday 7 April 2007

The Killer of Sheep
I checked out The Killer of Sheep yesterday at the opening night of a week-long screening. The film is the 1977 thesis project of director Charles Burnett, set in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles. It was a beautiful and engrossing film, set in black & white, and featured a number of neighborhood children in an everyday look at working-class life. The soundtrack was amazing, setting the mood and pace to a movie that has a message but no plot to speak of. Burnett never envisioned the film being distributed to wider audiences, and had peppered the soundtrack with incredible songs off of records he owned. As a result, securing the rights to the soundtrack in order to release the film was exorbitantly expensive. But the uncensored collection of tracks is a wonderful re-introduction to mid-century music, and I’m obsessing over southern blues and vocal jazz as a result.