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emmy the great

Posted on Friday 30 March 2007

Emmy The Great
My little sister shows up today… My first family visit since moving to L.A. two years ago. Rough, huh? Well here’s a track from her namesake, who I found off of good weather for airstrikes. My first impression was that it sounded a little too precious, too coffee house… but the lyrics made up for that. I love name-dropping of other bands, so the Magnetic Fields line sold me. There’s a depth to the song that the simple presentation betrays. I especially like the “dealing with this badly” description of her mood. That and the fact that Emmy from the Londons might be the first human to qualify for Cute like whoa. Someone needs to introduce me.

the new echo downstairs = unprecedented wackness

( Live )

Posted on Thursday 22 March 2007

I went to check out Dirty on Purpose last night at The Echo. I knew they had done a little remodeling but I didn’t realize that they were opening a whole second venue downstairs (dubbed, “The Echoplex”). It looked decent enough, with some new seating & lighting. But truthfully, it is a dingey basement venue that is far too long with a low ceiling. With a smaller crowd you can see the band but it feels empty. With a large crowd it you won’t see anything.

)) <> ((

Posted on Friday 16 March 2007

Me And You And Everyone We Know
You know how sometimes I watch movies that came out years ago? Ones that most people already saw? And then I like the soundtrack that most people either already listened to and got bored of or didn’t really bother with? And then I write about it here? You know, like now, but without the introduction explaining what I’m doing?

Fionn Regan on BBC Radio 1 (2/12/07)

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Posted on Tuesday 6 March 2007

Fionn Regan
My recent find/guy on repeat, Fionn Regan recently played a set of tracks for BBC Radio 1. Included are one of my favorites from The End of History, “Snowy Atlas Mountains,” as well as a few non-album tracks. “The Ballad of the Toad Eaters” is absolutely fantastic, and is on par with anything from the album. There’s also a cover of The Beatles’ “Getting Better” which is a nice homage but has him trudging into the ‘adult contemporary’ area. Covers can be tricky like that. Through the set, his voice sounds a bit less simple and sweet like say John Orth from Holopaw, and more forced and over-accentuated like that of Goldspot’s lead singer, Siddhartha Khosla. I still think the songs are good and that he sounds like he’d be great to see live, I just hope when he finally gets here its not for one of these overcrowded hipster consumer shows. I can’t stand to listen to KCRW, so for all I know he’s already on there and I’m just behind the yuppie taste makers. Regardless it’s a great set, if for no other reason for the upbeat version of “Ballad of the Toad Eaters.”

hearsay 08: the mixes are in

( Mixes )

Posted on Friday 2 March 2007

res. There will be more posted in the future so stay tuned.

And to everyone that was shouting for ‘Crying Just for Show’ at the Icebird/French Kicks show last night, though we were not successful in our plea, I was assured by drummer Aaron Thurston after the show that they would be it bringing back sometime soon.