hang the djs

Posted on Thursday 22 February 2007

I remember being pretty shocked when I read that the RIAA was now going after their own promoters on Nah Right, but The New York Times gave the whole episode a full write-up in a lengthy article on Sunday. Now, I’ve only occasionally listened to hip-hop mix CDs (mostly when I was living in Brooklyn near the Fulton Ave mall and they were just there to try out). I’m not in to the acts that Drama pushes, but I thought it was funny in the way that the article described what they do:

The CDs made in The Aphilliates’ studio are called mixtapes — album-length compilations of 20 or so songs, often connected by a theme; they are produced and mixed by a D.J. and usually “hosted” by a rapper

Sound familiar? And then this one other line caught my eye:

The economics of mixtapes appeal to [music store owner Vic XL], and so do their politics; as he sees it, mixtapes undermine the power of major record labels and radio stations.

Isn’t that one of the things we’ve been trying to do with the mix club and this site? Oh I hope the RIAA doesn’t catch us recommending music to each other that is much better than the crap the peddle.

Hang the DJs indeed.

: The Smiths – Panic :

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