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Foreign Born on KXLU (2/23/07)

( Live )

Posted on Tuesday 27 February 2007

Foreign Born
The always awesome KXLU show Demolisten had local favorites, Foreign Born in on Friday night and as always were good enough to post the entire show on their archive. Truthfully, it’s a good set, but not my favorite of the songs from their new album, On The Wing Now, which, for anyone who might be keeping track was #7 of my top 10 for 2006. They get compared to Echo & The Bunnymen, which I can definitely hear in the vocals, but maybe more garagey and rougher. The whole album is solid, but as good as these songs are, I don’t think they accurately represent the quality and depth of the album. I think they sold out of the homemade version they had at shows last year, but they plan on releasing the album more officially next month or so.

because we love you

Posted on Monday 26 February 2007

Elliott Smith
It was local (U.C.)L.A. blog The Rawking Refuses to Stop that made me aware of the amazing collection of Elliott Smith recordings, Trash Treasury. It looks like they’ve collected the majority of the recordings of his shows that are out there, and it provides an incredible way to understand his musical career, particularly in the later years. The only time I ever saw Elliott Smith was back in 1996 opening for a New York band that I liked quite a lot during my high school years, Versus. I had heard of him but was generally more focused on more punk-derived indie rock at the time, so I hadn’t pursued him. But I was blown away by the performance and quickly started listening to him more enthusiastically.

Fionn Regan

Posted on Saturday 24 February 2007

Unlike a lot of the newer music I come across by chance, I remember exactly where I first heard Fionn Regan. It was on one of the always dependable Catbirdseat mixes, in this case October 2006. It caught me immediately but this isn’t exactly a “You hear it first” sort of spot, so please don’t blame me for being 5 months behind the hipper sites in writing about it, or for taking 4 months to forward the recommendation.

hang the djs

( General and Mixes )

Posted on Thursday 22 February 2007

I remember being pretty shocked when I read that the RIAA was now going after their own promoters on Nah Right, but The New York Times gave the whole episode a full write-up in a lengthy article on Sunday. Now, I’ve only occasionally listened to hip-hop mix CDs (mostly when I was living in Brooklyn near the Fulton Ave mall and they were just there to try out). I’m not in to the acts that Drama pushes, but I thought it was funny in the way that the article described what they do:

The CDs made in The Aphilliates’ studio are called mixtapes — album-length compilations of 20 or so songs, often connected by a theme; they are produced and mixed by a D.J. and usually “hosted” by a rapper

Arcade Fire live in New York

( Live )

Posted on Sunday 18 February 2007

Arcade Fire live at Judson Memorial Church
I don’t know about you, but seeing as The Arcade Fire isn’t playing any proper L.A. shows on this tour (only a Coachella appearance) , I’ve been closely monitoring the sets they playing in Montreal, London, Montreal again, and now New York. I know that many of the New Yorkers have been frustrated by the impossible task of getting tickets for the undersized venue that Judson Memorial Church is, but the photos look just amazing. And what better place to play out an album that was recorded in a church in the first place.

if you hurt me…

Posted on Wednesday 14 February 2007

Small Factory
I really don’t remember where I first heard this Small Factory song, but I feel like it was on a Darla compilation or something. Maybe Little Darla Has A Treat For You Vol. 1? The CD’s back in New York so we’ll never really know [edit: it’s Working Holiday – now we know, and knowing’s half the battle]. I lobe it. As in, I want to make it my ‘valentine’ love it. I like the way it starts so sweet but ends up so angry. Almost like a metaphor for something… But the best line has to be the “But if you break my heart / I’ll smash up your car” line. Happy Valentine’s Day kids.

and she hit me, it felt like a kiss

Posted on Thursday 8 February 2007

Nation Of Ulysses
I got hit on my bike riding to work for the first time this morning. Nothing too bad, just some scrapes, but still kinda crazy just in that I got knocked off and was lying in the middle of the street for a moment there. Not my fault, a girl making a right turn on a red hit me in the cross-walk. Before impact I yelled for her attention, but she just kept going and I couldn’t get out of the way quick enough. Truthfully, I am usually quite good at avoiding accidents from ‘bike invisibility syndrome,’ but I was dodging a guy who seemed keen on turning into me from the left before she flanked on the right. A brilliant strategical maneuver. Don’t worry, I’m fine (she seemed more emotionally rattled than I was physically). I wear a helmet. The bike is fine too.