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too much poppycrock

Posted on Friday 24 March 2006

There’s not a whole lot of information online about rx, and thus I am left to assume that rx is either:

A) A prescription of political satire for all of us. A joyride through a series of unexpected collisions of culture, the result of which is nothing short of remarkable.


B) in fact, George W. Bush’s own prescription for sanity by venting through his music.

Band of Horses + Earlimart : King King

( Live )

Posted on Thursday 23 March 2006

Band of Horses
Freed and I checked out Band of Horses at King King last night, another Hollywood venue that was new to me. They were opening for Eagle Rock’s Earlimart, who I saw not all that long ago, around the same time I first saw Band of Horses. Earlimart was good, and sounded much like they did back in October, but with a whole new assortment of tracks, presumably recent results from ongoing recording sessions. Oh and Josh Ritter played as well, and while I mostly wasn’t feeling his stuff, there was what must have been a 10 minute epic, “Thin Blue Flame” midway through the set that was amazing. All I remember was this string of lines mid-song as it built momentum: “Singing about vengeance like it’s the joy of the lord / Bringing justice to the enemies instead of the other way around / They’re guilty where killed and they killed where they’re found.” Very Springsteen, totally moving. It was a great intro, but I (as well as a good segment of the crowd) was really there to see Horses in the context of their record, released the day before.

José González : Hotel Cafe

( Live and Videos )

Posted on Tuesday 21 March 2006

Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez played Hollywood last night. It was my first time at Hotel Cafe, a small bar-style venue that features a dank alleyway entrance. I usually favor the east side of town, but I thought that a partially sit-down joint was a more appropriate setting for the soft-sung Swede.

let’s all pray for rain

Posted on Saturday 18 March 2006

Two Gallants
When the Two Gallants’ first album, The Throes, was released, a friend from Portland recommended them them to me, explaining that they’d be right up my alley. I liked the songs and their energy, but most of the record was a bit too harsh for me, and their stuff never fully caught. I continued to listen, and last year I heard some promising live tracks in advance of their new album, What The Toll Tells, that kept me curious.

somebody painted over paint

Posted on Friday 17 March 2006

I recently ran into this Italian-released Pavement tribute compilation, Everything Is Ending Here. While the 2xCD compilation is not all that impressive, Saloon’s cover of “Shoot the Singer (1 Sick Verse)” is a gem. Much in the same way that I have knowingly commited blasphemy because I like Pavement’s version of “Killing Moon” better than the Echo & The Bunnymen original, I’m going to go ahead and commit another act of blasphemy by embracing Saloons version of “Shoot the Singer” over Pavement’s. Aside from the allure of Amanda Gomez’s lush vocals, the addition of the organ and what sounds like a violin being played pizzicato are nice touches. Malkmus may perform the lyrics better, but her voice just trumps his delivery. Seriously good.

but you go on and on and on

Posted on Thursday 16 March 2006

Since I mentioned Chisel the other day, I thought I might dedicate a post to them . It was wierd at the Voxtrot show to think that it’s 10 years later and I’m still listening to essentially the same sort of music.

google reader

Posted on Wednesday 15 March 2006

Google Reader
It’s off-subject, but this thing is cool, and has potential to be really cool if they just organize the layout a bit better. I know there are plenty of rss aggregators out there, but being able to lay them out in a web page format rather than having to download and install a program is a big plus. I put in a whole bunch of news sources, weblogs, etc. and now I have this really unique news page to browse every day. They have to have a better way of browsing between different sections (“labels”), though… the pull-down is not doing it for me. Maybe there’s a way to keep that “edit labels” box open all the time.

Voxtrot : The Echo

( Live )

Posted on Tuesday 14 March 2006

Though they were not the headliner at The Echo, the night belonged to Austin, TX’sVoxtrot. Probably the most hyped band on the bill, they gathered a good and energetic crowd to see the band, whose tour coincides with the release of their second EP.

stop. it’s too late

Posted on Friday 3 March 2006

It may be a minor joy, barely worth mentioning, but I found it really funny to hear Pinback‘s “Silent Fortress” sandwiched between Celine and some über-crappy R&B song today while picking up some junk at my local pharmacy. It could not have sounded more out of place or awkward, but I was very happy to hear it. Even more importantly, I enjoyed not having to hear a Mariah Carrey song for 4 minutes while I navigated the diagonal mess of the bathroom supply mecca that is RiteAid.