Rogue Wave + Mazarin : The Troubadour

Posted on Wednesday 21 December 2005

Rogue Wave played the final show of their tour with Philadelphia’s Mazarin last night before a packed Troubadour crowd. Mazarin was good, even if the sound quality was pretty poor during their set. They were a bit more classic rock-oriented than I had expected based on their record. Following Mazarin was Irving, who had an upbeat Gentleman Reg feel. They’ve never really caught me, and even through an energetic performance I found their set somewhat dull. The lead singer’s voice reminded me of Colin Meloy‘s.

I saw Rogue Wave, what… back in February, and was really not very impressed. Part of it was probably that I was underwhelmed by Two Gallants, who took the stage before them, and part of it was that I’ve never warmed up to most of their first album. But after being surprised/blown away by the new one, I wanted to see how the newer songs would sound live. The first thing that struck me was that I had forgoten how much Zach Rogue resembles Bam Margera. All in all, I thought they were better than the last time: the songs are great, their sound is tight, and Rogue’s vocals are pretty amazing. They played a pretty fair selection of songs from both albums, but I still find the older songs unaffecting, and the show seemed to lag a bit until they focused on the newer material. “Catform” and “Publish My Love” were highlights for me. “You” was good as well, thought the slower songs made the evening feel a bit tame. I guess that as well as the mostly underage audience, and then their respective chaperones. So Much Silence posted a show from last week here and here.

: Mazarin – Another One Goes By :
: Irving – Sleepy Inside :
: Rogue Wave – Publish My Love :

Bonus (Rogue Wave live on KEXP):
: 01 Bird On A Wire :
: 02 Falcoln Settles Me :
: 03 Wait For It :
: 04 10:1 :

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1 Comment for 'Rogue Wave + Mazarin : The Troubadour'

    22 December 2005 | 2:58 pm

    I was thinking the same thing that he looked exactly like Bam Magera. He does not look like he sounds.

    I had my reservations about the show. The album, while good, seems too sunny to the point of drowsiness at times, so I feared the show would be dull. They proved me wrong. It was a tight set and they energized the songs, including songs from “Out of the Shadow.” I was mightily impressed.

    I’m also had a similar reaction to Irving as you. I’ve seen them a few times, and I think they play a good set, but they can’t get beyond “merely enjoyable” for me.

    I’m checkint out Wolf Parade in January!

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