this is getting ridiculous

Posted on Thursday 13 October 2005

i keep seeing the silversun pickups wherever i go. i think they are stalking me. first i saw the bassist, nikki, at masa one sunday. then i saw her again at the clap your hands say yeah show. then last week i saw the drummer and keyboardist, christopher and joe at the earlimart show. tuesday all four were hanginig out at the
great northern show at spaceland. the last staw was when i saw lead singer brian and his girlfriend leaving the dios show at amoeba last night. ridiculous.

so for the record, the great northern show was good. i’m looking forward to them putting out a proper ep or lp. they sound like earlimart, but lean more towards the thrills with two keyboardists. there might be a bit of the breeders in there too. i wasn’t all that taken by dios (malos). maybe it was because it was at amoeba… maybe it was the crowd of weirdos next to me… they sound like a less catchy beach boys. some of the new songs were good, sorta slow though. boy that lead singer is a big fella.

: Silversun Pickups – Kissing Families :
: Dios (Malos) – Feels Good Being Somebody :
: Dios (Malos) – Asshole :
: Dios – Starting Five :

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2 Comments for 'this is getting ridiculous'

    15 October 2005 | 1:22 pm

    Those black metal picks are priceless. Perhaps second only to a rap version of the same top ten list.

    26 July 2006 | 3:02 am

    […] Turned out they weren’t only great, but they were fucking awesome. I was sold, and sent notes out to friends that “there’s this band in L.A…” I started to see them out at shows, and then at restaurants in my neighborhood (Echo Park), and finally realized that they were named after a liquour store that I pass by on my way to work every day. In many ways their were my introduction to the local “scene,” and I liked that it was more grungey than garagey, more Sparklehorsey than Chik-Chik-Chikey. And alltogether unpretentious and friendly. […]

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