may 2016 mix

Posted on Sunday 8 May 2016

[abbreviated spotify version]

for each inch cut
the roots grow ten
where we
can’t see them

Epic shit.

May 2016 Mix – “i rise.”

01 Vetiver – Stranger Still (Daniel.T. Remix) (2016)
02 U.S. Girls – Damn That Valley (2015)
03 Requin Chagrin – Poisson Lune (2016)
04 Operators – Nobody (2016)
05 Sun Glitters feat. Rob Boak – Softly And Slowly (2011)
06 Heather Woods Broderick – Wyoming (2015)
07 True Widow – Four Teeth (2013)
08 Swell – Come Tomorrow (1989)
09 Teleman – Superglue (2016)
10 Twin Peaks – Irene (2013)
11 Evenings – Babe (2013)
12 Goon Soul – Them Changes (Thundercat Cover) (2016)
13 SASKATCHEWAN – Beast Coast (2011)
14 Cross Record – High Rise (2016)
15 Lee Moses – If Loving You Is a Crime (I’ll Always Be Guilty) (1968)
16 Carissa’s Wierd – Fluorescent Lights (2000)
17 sleeperzzZ – Bones (2016)
18 The Range – Copper Wire (2016)
19 Mathew Lee Cothran – No Way Out (2013)
20 Holy Esque – Oslo (2016)
21 The Mills Brothers – You Always Hurt The One You Love (1944)


(Streamable version of the mix)

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we like the way that you sway

Posted on Saturday 9 April 2016


Kind of in love with this slow jam from Los Angeles-based duo, sleeperzzZ. Steven Vernet (Stevie Sleeper) & Kelly Gibbons (Kelly Sleeper) of Silver Lake.

I don’t like the way that you’re looking at me
Keep your eyes closed, baby now you can see
I never really listened to anything you said
Gotta lot of things that are going through my head
Never really sleep till we dead
Never get sleep, never get rest
Never get rest, never get rest, ne-ne-never get rest

We like the way that you sway, oh no
We just keep moving

We don’t like the sun, we don’t like the shade
Spit it all out cuz we don’t like the taste
Everything we do takes long
But we like the way you sing our song

We like the way that you sway, oh no
We just keep moving

We don’t like the sun, we don’t like the shade
Spit it all out because we don’t like the taste

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april 2016 mix

Posted on Friday 1 April 2016

[very abbreviated spotify version]

My body is a jar for a special insect caught inside it
Sometimes it lights me up but I would never let you know it
Sometimes it crawls around and makes me laugh when I am down
I don’t wanna let it out yet I am greedy, little bug

The 90s throwback mix I’ve been meaning to do for months is finally here. It’s about a bug. You will never know how it feels to light up the sky. But you will love it.

April 2016 Mix – “TAKE THIS WITH YOU”

01 Bikini Kill – Feels Blind (1992)
02 Geek – Herasure (1988)
03 Built To Spill – So & So So & So From Wherever Wherever (1994)
04 The Van Pelt – His Steppe Is My Prarie (1996)
05 Archers of Loaf – Lowest Part is Free! (1994)
06 Autoclave – Hot Spurr (1991)
07 Cat Power – Rockets (1994)
08 Lungfish – Nothing is Easy (1995)
09 Vomit Launch – Donut Ass Me Butt (1990)
10 Gaunt – Now (1995)
11 Tsunami – Water’s Edge (1993)
12 Modest Mouse – Super Saver Day (1993)
13 The Bats – Calm Before the Storm (1987)
14 Cub – Green Eyes (1995)
15 Heavens To Betsy – Firefly (1992)
16 Versus – Sunburned (1995)
17 Superchunk – Sprung A Leak (1991)
18 Cupid Car Club – M.P. Skulkers (1994)
19 The Pooh Sticks – On Tape (1988)
20 The Halo Benders – On A Tip (1994)
21 Chisel – Sunburn (1994)
22 Chavez – Unreal Is Here (1994)
23 Sebadoh – Brand New Love


(Streamable version of the mix)

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I loved you California

Posted on Thursday 31 March 2016

Operators new album, Blue Wave, is set to come out tomorrow, and while I skipped over it, I wanted to highlight the new track, “Space Needle,” which serves as the album’s finale.

“I loved you California but you only leave me blue.”

For a transplant living in California, even after a decade I’m still finding myself within the inevitable mixed bag of the state’s proverbial promise of boundless opportunity. I doubt I’m the only one in a state that sees so much relocation that find the lyrics are easy to identify with. It’s that realization of constantly rising living expenses in California’s major cities coupled with the thought of letting life slip by you that fuels Boeckner’s repeat of “We’re leaving here tomorrow / But tomorrow never comes.” Calling the song “Space Needle,” feels apt when I think weekly whether the PNW is a more appropriate place for me and others like me.

But despite being drawn to the lyrics, I think it’s really the pace of the track — with its three movements — that is so engrossing. By the time the synths and drums fully kick in in the last movement, I’m hypnotized. Wake up with me.

Only for a little while
Dreaming of a little lie
Breathing in a waiting room
Believing what they told you
We’re leaving here tomorrow
But tomorrow never comes
We’re leaving here tomorrow
But tomorrow never comes
I wait and wait and wait I’m easy
And so are you

You’ve got rights
At least you thought you used to
Where’s your rights?
Think we’re policing everything you do
Born under glass into all of the light
And you’re separated from the world
Had nothing much to do with you

I loved you California but you only leave me blue
I loved you California but you only leave me blue
I loved you like a fire because
I’m burning you

I’m dreaming in your waiting room
Dreaming in your waiting room
Dreaming here is easy because you’re dreaming too

All my days
Are spent with you
On the screen
Everything’s true for a moment
Stay with me
Wake up with me

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without you

Posted on Saturday 26 March 2016

The Range
Feelin’ this.

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it’s alright now

Posted on Tuesday 22 March 2016

Angel Olsen
There was a deluxe edition of Angel Olsen‘s heartbreaking introspective, Burn Your For For No Witness?! Can’t believe I missed this, but even more, I can’t believe “All Right Now” missed the original release.

Maybe it’s because it’s more resolved & hopeful than the rest of the album? I guess it doesn’t work with the open-eyed dismissal of “Enemy” or the heartbroken putdown of “Windows.” It’s a gem. Glad to finally hear it.

It’s all here now
It’s all here now
It’s all here now
It’s always been here
It’s alright now
It’s alright now
It’s alright now
It’s always been right

You do not have to leave girl
Go out walking, dear
You do not have to reach out
To somebody new
You do not have to hold her
In your fingertips
It’s always been there with you
You are what I need

And it’s alright now
It’s alright now
It’s alright now
It’s always been right
All right, all right, all right, all right

I hear you in my thoughts
I see you in my dreams
I know you’re on my mind
And you are everything
Stay in and stay a while
Hands telling lies
I’ll be here
And stay an age

All night, all night, all night

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the best american girl

Posted on Thursday 3 March 2016


Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Mitski‘s 2014 album, Bury Me at Makeout Creek was likely my favorite (belated) find of last year: a powerful and unapologetic female voice over a varied musical backdrop that at times recalled the cleaned up garage rock of Blue Album Weezer. But even more that that is the range of excitement (“First Love / Late Spring”), heartbreak (“Drunk Walk Home”), and clear-eyed resolution (“Last Words of a Shooting Star”). The album is fucking spectacular, and if you haven’t already listened to it 30 times through, you should stop whatever you are listening to and get on to Bandcamp or Spotify or Youtube or whatever source you usually go to to listen to music with little-to-no commitment and listen to the album start-to-finish right now.

Mitski (Miyawaki) announced that her next album, Puberty 2, will be released this Summer on June 17th. And she’s touring too. She’ll be in L.A. on July 7th.

I’m absolutely floored by this first single from the album, “Your Best American Girl,” whose lyrics touch on love, culture, racism, and identity in a shockingly simple way. Fuck Big Spoon’s mother. Seriously.

If I could
I’d be your little spoon
And kiss your fingers forever more
But big spoon
You’d have so much to do
And I have nothing ahead of me

You’re the sun
You’ve never seen the night
But you hear its song from the morning birds
But I’m not the moon
I’m not even a storm
But awake at night
I’ll be singing to the birds

Don’t wait for me
I can’t go

Your mother wouldn’t approve of how my mother raised me
But I do, I think I do
And your an all-American boy
I guess I couldn’t have helped trying to be your best American girl

You’re the one
You’re all I’ve ever wanted
I think I’ll wait good good

Your mother wouldn’t approve of how my mother raised me
But I do, I finally do
And your an all-American boy
I guess I couldn’t have helped trying to be the best American girl

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march 2016 mix

Posted on Wednesday 2 March 2016

[abbreviated spotify version]

After talking about Slowdive last month, I could help but use the early 90s shoegaze of “Souvlaki Space Station” as a starting point for a mix of more recent finds and obsessions. A bit Captured Tracks-heavy in this one… I saw DIIV when they played L.A. last week and couldn’t help but get them in here too.

March’s mix is decidedly upbeat, so anyone who has grown tired of the mopey/depressing/emotional train wreck mixes that have come and gone over the last few months should be pleasantly surprised.

For anyone wondering, the image for this month’s cover is of children at a school for the deaf participating in a demonstration to teach them what music is.

March 2016 Mix – “A LONG LOST DREAM”

01 Slowdive – Souvlaki Space Station (1993)
02 Clara Clara – Écran noir (2015)
03 Molly Nilsson – Happyness (2015)
04 George Clanton – Warmspot (2015)
05 Craft Spells – Our Park by Night (2015)
06 Steve Sobs – Patterns (2013)
07 DIIV – Healthy Moon (2016)
08 Gwenno – Fratolish Hiang Perpeshki (2015)
09 AbJo – Introspection (2014)
10 Future Islands – The Chase (2015)
11 Prefuse 73 – Señora 95 (Intro) (2015)
12 Black Atlass – Paris (2012)
13 Lapalux – Don’t Mean A Thing (2015)
14 Open Mike Eagle – Stay Still Awake (2015)
15 Tashaki Miyaki – Cool Runnings (2014)
16 Odd Nosdam – Sisters (Boards of Canada Remix) (2016)
17 Porches – Be Apart (2016)
18 Moss of Aura – Generations (2010)
19 Sylvan Esso – Play It Right (2014)
20 Wise Blood – Alarm (2013)


(Streamable version of the mix)

COLORS. | TOO LATE TOO SLOW | you are loved

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february 2016 mix

Posted on Wednesday 3 February 2016

[abbreviated spotify version]

This month’s mix started after recognizing a Slowdive sample from an obscure RJD2 track, which brought me back to sifting through funk, jazz, and soul samples that I was introduced to through hip-hop. All of which makes this mix a fitting entry into the “SCRAMBLE” series that I haven’t posted since 2013.

Mostly 70s. Good weekend listening music.

February 2016 Mix – “SCRAMBLE 3”

01 Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness (1974)
02 Soul Children – Move Over (1969)
03 Herbie Hancock – Watermellon Man (1973)
04 Human Race – Grey Boy (1971)
05 Cresa Watson – Dead (1969)
06 Syl Johnson – Concrete Reservation (1970)
07 Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity – Tiger (1969)
08 Bobbi Humphrey – Jasper Country Man (1973)
09 Billy Eckstine – Third Child (1971)
10 Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes – Devika (Goddess) (1975)
11 David Matthews – Silent Running (1977)
12 Chuito & The Latin Uniques – Wish I Could (1968)
13 Shuggie Otis – Island Letter (1974)
14 Crusaders – Mystique Blues (1971)
15 Alvin Robinson – Something You Got (1964)
16 Skull Snaps – It’s a New Day (1973)
17 The Manhattans – Follow Your Heart (1981)
18 The Pearls – Can I Call You Baby (1969)
19 Michael LeGrand – I Still See You (1969)
20 The Intruders – Memories Are Here To Stay (1973)


(Streamable version of the mix)


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sheep are counting me

Posted on Monday 18 January 2016

Ultimate Painting

Aquarium Drunkard‘s Lagniappe Sessions is a pretty spectacular series that shows some of the influences of bands, with the bonus of giving us some oddball covers/b-sides, in an era where b-sides and compilations — that would otherwise be venues for such tracks — are just about extinct.

In late 2014, the series spotlighted Ultimate Painting. Ultimate Painting is the side project (or main project? just another project?) of James Hoare of Veronica Falls and Jack Cooper of Mazes, two English bands of varying twee-ness.

I love that they cover Fugazi‘s “I’m So Tired” off of the 1999 album/documentary soundtrack, Instrument Soundtrack. I’ve always thought this was a kind of gem on an album of (very listenable) process demos and atmospheric songs. Ultimate Painting’s take builds it into a real song, less a side demo of Ian Mackaye howling a witty throwaway, “I’m so tired, sheep are counting me.”

: Ultimate Painting – I’m So Tired (Fugazi cover) :

Out here
Barely see my breath, surrounded
By jealousy and death
I can’t be reached
Only had one call
Dragged underneath
Separate from you all
You all

This time
I’ve lost my own return, in spite of
Everything I’ve learned
I hid my tracks
Spit out all my air
Slipped into cracks
Stripped of all my cares
My cares

I’m so tired
Sheep are counting me
No more struggle
No more energy
No more patient
You can write that down
It’s all too crazy
I’m not sticking ’round

PS – I kinda like these guys:

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